Forced Air Central Split Systems, How They Work

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I want to talk today about exactly what makes up a split central system for HVAC's it's described as a split system because it contains indoor gear and outside gear which is connected by a pipe known as a line set the indoor gear would contain a gas-fired furnace or an air handler the outside gear would be a condenser unit and also could be a heat pump the gas fired furnace is going to produce a flame which is going to heat up a cable grid that wire grid is known as a heat exchanger a blower is then gonna blow that air through ductwork, and through house it should come out the outlets and be drawn across the space to a larger duct known as an air return. This circulates the air across the space keeping the space comfortable and comes back straight back on furnace in which the procedure is repeated there are three different styles of burners there's one stage which simply goes on and off, and there's a two stage which has a high and a low setting, and there's also a modulating which is going to be the most efficient kind and that is going to increase or decrease based upon demand.


Likewise the blower motor itself is available as a multi speed low medium or high settings or adjustable speed which again is the most efficient method of procedure it should also be noted your furnace or air handler are available in a variety of configurations. Up flow units would typically be mounted inside basement a down flow unit is frequently utilized in a first flooring application, and inside attic or crawl areas. Oftentimes we would make use of horizontal units these are all available in packages being very affordable or individual elements is purchased individually to modify your installation to make it most effective and efficient during the cooling season, and the condensing unit outside is going to have refrigerant pipes which is going to transfer cool refrigerant straight back into the house and it should go into an evaporator coil which here is gonna be in situation, or could be over the furnace unit itself when it visits the evaporator coil cool air is transmitted while getting rid of humidity from the air this blower motor will again begin to blow this cool air through outlets and across the space and get back on unit to finish the procedure. A heat pump runs inside same manner the cooling it has a difference inside wintertime it's able to produce temperature ironically it takes cool outside air and compresses and condenses that outside air to create comfort temperatures and that temperature is transmitted into the furnace unit itself from in which it's carried throughout the house.

There is another kind of system known as a hybrid the hybrid system in fact includes a heat pump and also an old-fashioned or old-fashioned gas fired furnace. The benefit of this, is that during more moderate times the heat pump is utilized which is a more economical way to deliver heating and cooling because it just operates on electricity alone during times when it surpasses set temperature, and gets below your furnace would immediately activate you never have to manually adjust that therefore the furnace could deliver a greater volume of temperature in times when there's greater demand. Check out all systems that are available from our team of heating and cooling experts.

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