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Air Conditioning Repair

Residential AC Repair in Greater Phoenix

Nothing is worse than experiencing having broken AC in the hot Arizona climate. Whether your air conditioner is blowing warm air or won’t turn on at all, you can count on the experts at HVAC KING. For years, we have been providing comprehensive AC repair services throughout the Greater Phoenix Area.

If you need air conditioning repair, and fast, count on HVAC KING. We even offer 24/7 emergency AC repairs when you need a cool home over the weekend or after hours. Give us a call to schedule a repair!


Signs Your AC Needs to be Repaired 

If you are unsure if you should call your local HVAC contractor, here are some signs your AC may need to be repaired:

  • Strange and unusual sounds
  • Strange smells
  • Warm air coming through vents
  • Smoke coming from unit
  • Spike in utility bills
  • Inconsistent temperatures throughout the home

While these are the most common signs your AC needs to be repaired, if you notice anything unusual about your AC unit, it likely needs to be repaired. If your AC unit isn’t working as well as it should, call HVAC KING to schedule air conditioning repair today!


HVAC KING offers residential air conditioning and heating repairs that go above and beyond our competitors. Our air conditioning service department has grown tremendously in Gainesville, FL due to customer satisfaction. Here at HVAC KING Phoenix Arizona, our goal is to always meet or exceed clients expectations. Our expert technicians will repair or install your air conditioner quickly and efficiently.

When it comes to residential air conditioning and heating repair we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on many component parts, including a lifetime warranty on our replacement thermostats. Our warranties speak for themselves.

  • Quick and efficient service
  • Great warranty protection programs
  • 24/7 emergency air conditioning repair service
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Service call discounts available to our preventive maintenance customers
  • Financing options

Call HVAC KING for AC Repair in Phoenix, AZ

At HVAC KING, we understand HVAC may not be a familiar topic for you. For us, it’s our main topic! We will break down exactly what your air conditioner needs to keep your home cool and finish the job on budget and on time.  Contact us today to schedule a repair for the AC unit in your Arizona home!

Residential AC Maintenance Services in Phoenix Arizona

At HVAC KING we are advocates of regular air conditioner maintenance. We provide both routine and emergency 24/7 air conditioner maintenance services.

AC maintenance allows professional HVAC technicians to clean your unit and ensure it is running safely and efficiently. When your AC is running properly your home or business is happier and healthier.

During an AC Inspection

Maintenance should be performed annually by an HVAC professional. During an inspection, you can expect your technician to:

  • Clean the inside and outside of your unit
  • Inspect air ducts
  • Replace the air filter
  • Inspect and tighten all electrical parts
  • Inspect and test all moving parts
  • Evaluate efficiency of your unit
  • Test your AC

Benefits of AC Maintenance

What to Expect With Regular Maintenance

  • Fewer breakdowns. Most breakdowns can be prevented or are caught during a tune-up.
  • Longer life. You can expect your air conditioner to live a longer life with regular cleanings.
  • Greater efficiency. When your AC is running efficiently, you could see a decrease in your utility bills.

Commercial AC Maintenance

For our commercial customers, we understand that your refrigeration and ice making equipment is one of the most important parts of your restaurant business.

An unexpected break down due to maintenance issues can not only create an unnecessary service call expense, but also could lead to premature failure of your equipment. Your customers’ comfort is what keeps them coming back, and air conditioning maintenance is the way to make that happen.

Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance with HVAC KING

At HVAC KING, your comfort is our priority. Currently, we serve residential and commercial customers with individually designed air conditioner and refrigeration maintenance plans at affordable rates without ever sacrificing quality.

We are glad to serve the Greater Phoenix Area, and we’re experienced with all makes and models of air conditioners.

Phoenix HVAC Service Cost
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