5 Common Issues with HVAC Systems

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5 Common AC Issues

Regular maintenance of a heating, ventilation, or air conditioning (HVAC) system is the guaranteed way to make sure that everything is running efficiently, and that the system will last a long time. Just like any other complex machinery, there are parts and components that sooner or later will need to be replaced or adjusted.

By regularly keeping an eye out for common issues, it’s possible to proactively spot many problems and avoid that they evolving into small scale catastrophes. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common issues with HVAC systems and how they can be either avoided, mitigated or taken care of.

1. A clogged filter blocking the airflow

It’s easy to forget how essential filters are when it comes down to it. Not only do they remove dust and problematic particles, but a blocked filter can have a very detrimental effect on the system. Regular filter replacement should be a given part of any maintenance routine. Old filters can also result in dirt spreading to vital parts of the HVAC system, leading to malfunction.

2. A broken thermostat causing irregular behavior

The thermostat is what makes sure that the system is running in accordance with the settings, and in balance with the environmental temperature. If it’s broken, or if it’s depending on a battery to retain settings, a replacement will get everything back on track. Problems with the thermostat can be hard to distinguish from more serious issues.

3. Leaks or cracks causing a drop in performance

Leaks can be hard to detect but will often lead to a steady decline in system performance. It’s often possible to manually inspect for fluid leaks but when it comes to air leaks, a pressure test is usually needed to verify the problem. Since these problems can be hard to detect, they often go unnoticed for long periods of time.

4.  Capacitor issues or overloads

If the system suddenly starts using more power than expected, due to overheating or mechanical issues, it can lead to either a central fuse going off or a breaker switch being tripped. It might also lead to a blown capacitor inside the system. These kinds of issues can sometimes be a sign of major system failure, but are sometimes just a matter of some minor problem.

5. Obstruction or fan issues

An outdoor air conditioning installation is often susceptible to debris accumulating in and around the system. And most systems can be severely affected by an old or broken fan motor. Such problems might impede airflow and may cause issues that are very similar to those appearing when the system is in need of a filter change.

Is the system on a regular maintenance schedule?

It can’t really be stressed enough. Regular and reliable maintenance is the key to avoiding these, and other, kinds of issues. With ac repair Phoenix AZ, any HVAC system on a regular maintenance schedule will be running at optimal efficiency. By always being a step ahead, most unexpected issues can be avoiding ensuring continued smooth operation

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